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There is always a way…..

“Everything is figureoutable.” Marie Forleo

This concept is so powerful because it takes out the notion that there is nothing to be done when facing a serious challenge. This doesn’t mean there are always perfect solutions. It does mean you can take your power back and make conscious decisions bringing intention and purpose to your next steps.

Let’s say you are exhausted by the endless emails and phone calls you receive from teachers about your child’s behavior or missing work. You have two options:

You can get angry, tell all your friends about how much you can’t stand the school, and stay stuck in this negativity and  emotion.


You can feel angry because it’s simply how you feel and then you can make a plan to effect change. 

See the difference? Now we know some of you are thinking “ya I tried that and no one at the school is listening.” Well, back to the drawing board you go. The problem is still “figureoutable,” you just haven’t figured it out yet. 

Maybe the solution is enlisting help for yourself or your child. Do you have any allies at the school? Doesn’t matter the role they play, is there one person that you know “gets” your child? Still no? How about from the preschool they went to, church, an activity, or a friend of a friend of a friend? An ally can be the bridge between you and your strong emotions and communication with the school. An ally is someone who understands your child and can help bring about a new understanding of their needs and appropriate support. 

Maybe your plan includes expanding where you are looking for help.Therapists can be found outside of your area online, join a solid and informative Facebook support group and look for help, google educational advocate organizations in your state and find both for profit and nonprofit support.

The idea here is that staying stuck in frustration serves no one. We know when your child isn’t able to shine their wonderful selves to the world and it is crushing BUT this only means they aren’t able to YET. This isn’t forever….

“Everything is figureoutable.” Marie Forleo – author of Everything is Figureoutable.

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