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Coaching, Counseling and Art Therapy

What is ADHD and Executive Functioning Coaching?

Coaching helps the client develop skills and strategies to develop executive function skills such as planning, prioritizing, organizing, and time management. A coach will help the client discover what types of systems make sense to their brain and will help create systems for implementation.  Coaches provide accountability and deliver the necessary support to practice strategies through repetition. Coaches help clients work through challenges while enhancing strengths in the process. In terms of credentialing, certification is optional for coaches, however a credential is a good indication that the coach has the appropriate level of training and experience to be effective.

Coaching services at Navigating ADHD, Inc. are highly personalized.  Tracey’s favorite aspect of executive functioning coaching is seeing the strategies “click” for the first time.  Once her clients see that her strategies actually work, it is truly magical. Tracey’s expertise in ADHD and executive functioning make her acutely aware of the educational challenges students face. She helps them develop strategies for each step of the way, bolstering their abilities for organization, prioritization, task completion, and communication.  She utilizes her clients’ natural abilities so the sessions are more fun than work and keeps her students accountable, thereby ensuring new levels of success

What is Parent Coaching?

Parent Coaching provides both education and personalized support.  Parent Coaching gives parents the opportunity to voice their concerns, reflect on current challenges, and develop strategies that best support their child.  Parent coaching helps you achieve your parenting goals more quickly through a greater understanding of your child and your parenting style.

What Does a Counselor Do and What is Art Therapy?

A counselor spends more time on the emotional and behavioral aspects of having ADHD and can treat co-existing conditions such as mood disorders and anxiety. There are many types of counselors/therapists to consider, such as a cognitive behavioral therapist, art therapist, or behavioral therapist. A cognitive behavioral therapist will help your child bring about self awareness to change thought patterns as a way to cement behavioral changes. An art therapist will use a hands on approach through the creation of art as a way to engage in the therapeutic process.  A behavioral therapist will develop plans to change behavior based on rewards and consequences. All therapists must be licensed by their state in order to practice.  When engaging a therapist, you want to be sure there is an expertise in ADHD so executive functioning needs are considered during the therapeutic process

Art Therapy:

Art therapy is a creative method of counseling that uses visual media as a tool for expression.  At Navigating ADHD, Inc. Holly uses art therapy as a means to build rapport and help clients find their voice through the comfortable, creative and enjoyable process of art.  She also uses a unique take on the discipline of art therapy to actually create visual tools within the sessions, making the strategies meaningful and easy to implement.


Holly aims to empower her clients, whether they are children, adolescents, adults or families through wellness, education and insightful discussion.  She helps her clients identify goals and develop potential solutions.  The strategy focused counselling incorporates cognitive behavioral techniques, the unique needs of each client and helps them evoke the change they want to see in themselves.

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