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"Thank you so much for your excellent presentation last evening. As I said you were the perfect speaker to launch this important series for parents. Your coverage of organizational skills for students was both inspiring and thought-provoking as we learned that each of our students has individual needs which must be addressed through differentiation and patience."

- Gilbert Newton, Director, Sandwich STEM Academy

“All of the strategies I learned from Holly and Tracey were helpful. It is nice to have a different way of doing things.”

- Anonymous

"The "wow" factor for me was learning just how individualized organization, time management and study skills are and that there really are an infinite number of ways for students to be individually successful in each of these areas. The practical, concrete solutions and ideas will help help educators, parents and children alike"

- Becky M

"This was the best workshop I have ever attended on ADHD. I got such great feedback on it from the other attendees as well. We loved the books. The information really helped us with our daughter. Thank you so much for coming to speak to our PAC."

- Amy-Jane

This well-written book is for parents of children with ADHD and provides anecdotes, brief explanations and strategies to help them support their children. The book uses parent-friendly language to explain the common behaviors of kids with ADHD, followed by practical strategies for how parents can support their child's social and academic behaviors. The tips range from anticipating and navigating difficult playdates to expectations for an organized room, to how to create a homework schedule. In addition to the practical strategies, the book offers a positive mindset always looking at the bright side of ADHD characteristics, including passion, affection and hyperfocus, and how it can lead to life success even if it feels challenging to the parent in the moment. Overall, a helpful choice for parents and teachers of students with ADHD to increase understanding and acceptance.

- Mindprint Expert Review

“I’m totally engrossed in your book! I feel like you are actually talking to me as I read it. The style and narrative have such a great flow – almost like the difference between reading lyrics and hearing a song.”

- Lori P., Parent

“I feel so much more calm and peaceful. Thanks to Navigating ADHD, I have a better way of approaching the daily struggles. I tell everyone I know about Tracey and Holly!”

- Anonymous

“I can’t believe all of the great strategies you have given us!”

- Anonymous

“Navigating ADHD was just what my family needed. You gave us hope when I was feeling really hopeless. My son has a future!”

- Anonymous
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