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About Us

Navigating ADHD Inc. is a solutions based approach to supporting families whose lives are affected by ADHD and executive functioning weaknesses. Co-founders Tracey Bromley Goodwin, M.Ed, ACC, ADHD Coach and Holly Oberacker, ATR, LMHC merged their unique expertise and ADHD/executive functioning focused experience to develop proven methods for managing the symptoms of ADHD. Their multi-sensory approach addresses the behavioral, organizational, and executive functioning needs of those affected by ADHD. Tracey and Holly believe in discovering concrete solutions to help individuals reach their fullest potential. Navigating ADHD Inc. has a learning and support center on Cape Cod with satellite services on Nantucket and virtual services worldwide. Holly and Tracey offer presentations to parents, educators and clinicians around the country.


Holly Oberacker is an Art Therapist and Licensed Mental health Counselor with more than fifteen years experience. She continually develops multi-sensory approaches to managing the emotional, behavioral and communication needs of children diagnosed with ADHD, mood disorders, anxiety, eating disorders and other mental health issues. Holly’s approach is solution-focused and proactive. She holds a Masters of Art in Art Therapy from the University of Illinois at Chicago.




Unparalleled Executive Functioning Coaching – When executive functioning skills are strong anything is possible.

Tracey Bromley Goodwin is a sought after  Executive Functioning and Life Coach and has helped thousands of clients strengthen their organizational, time management, and self advocacy skills.  She draws from twenty seven years experience in the field of education. Tracey uses her strong intuition, creativity and enthusiasm to help her clients develop the right strategies for each area of challenge.  

The possibilities are endless when Tracey is on your side helping to develop and strengthen the needed skills for reaching goals. Tracey’s favorite aspect of executive functioning coaching is seeing the strategies “click” for the first time.  Once her clients see that her strategies actually work, it is truly magical. Tracey’s expertise in ADHD and executive functioning make her acutely aware of the educational challenges students face. She helps them develop strategies for each step of the way, bolstering their abilities for organization, prioritization, task completion, and communication.  She utilizes her students’ natural abilities so the sessions are more fun than work and keeps her students accountable, thereby ensuring new levels of success




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