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Help your Child LOVE Their Brain

ADHD is all about extremes. Extreme attention and inattention, extreme emotions, extreme likes and dislikes, extremes in levels of energy; we could keep going! 

These extremes can be frustrating to not only you but to your child. All of these extremes can make a person feel out of control hence behavioral outbursts, low motivation, and feelings of overwhelm.

The first step in ADHD treatment is understanding what is actually happening in the brain. It is understanding that what may look like laziness might be the brain struggling to know where to begin so not getting started at all. It is also understanding that swings in energy levels or interest aren’t exaggerated, they are real. 

It is critical that not only you understand these aspects of ADHD but that your child does too. 

When Tommy first started coming to us at the age of 15 he really didn’t understand his ADHD brain. Even though he had been given a diagnosis at the age of 8 he never really understood what it meant besides having a hard time concentrating on boring tasks.

He didn’t know that it impacted the way he made decisions, the way he approached writing an essay, or his uncanny ability to sense emotions of those around him. Once we started talking about ADHD and how it might be impacting his life both positively and negatively I could see the weight just coming off his shoulders. 

Having a reason for why certain challenges were difficult took all the shame away from what Tommy had been carrying around. Having a reason for why he excelled at certain things that most others didn’t also began to feel like more of a gift.

One simple conversation served as the foundation for all the learning and strategy building that came after.

You can help your child LOVE their brain by educating yourself on what ADHD is and isn’t and learning through your child what it “feels” like inside their mind. Together bit by bit you can formulate strategies that will help your child manage the challenges while celebrating their many talents. 

So start today by simply observing your child at a deeper level, listening carefully as they share what it feels like in their brain, and build your ADHD knowledge base.

Knowledge is power and so is self awareness!

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