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Drive and Passion

Wow, what a response to our Facebook posts featuring Adam Levine and Ty Pennington!  When we started thinking about why the response was so great we realized that Ty Pennington’s mom said it perfectly, “The very traits that once held Ty back are now his biggest assets.”  This is what makes people successful!  Using the ability to hyperfocus on an interest area, having courage, thinking outside of the box and unquestionable determination are what we see in the clients we work with each day.

Strong executive function skills are always part of a person’s success story.  Getting started on a task (Initiation) is often very difficult when executive function skills are weak.  Although when people find success it is because they took action, even when it was difficult.  So how does this happen?  How do people work through the blocks that keep them from getting started?

We find that three simple steps help to move from doing nothing to doing a lot!  These steps can be used regardless of age.

  1. Set a timer for four minutes and write a list of everything that needs to be done as well as anything else that pops into mind.  There is no judgment involved here it is simply a clearing of the mind.
  2. Cross everything off the list that has nothing to do with has to get done.
  3. Number the list of remaining items according to importance and simply start with number 1.


This process makes the task of getting started less overwhelming.  The brain is now in control of what needs to be done and can take steps to produce the desired outcome.

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