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Getting the Message Out!

Getting the Message Out!

As your Navigating ADHD guides we think it is time that the message gets out that ADHD is real and that it is not a curse! ADHD opens the brain up to possibilities that we can only imagine! Of course challenges come along with ADHD but there are strategies and supports to deal with every single one. We LOVE working with children and teens diagnosed with ADHD for many reasons but especially because of their fresh outlook on life. They are resilient and continue to see opportunities for growth even when the challenges seem large. Children and teens diagnosed with ADHD have an entirely different perspective on the world around them. They notice the smallest details in their environment and they can think of a variety of things all at the same time! It never fails that each time a client comes into our office they notice something that we would never have seen or ask a question that we would never have thought of before. This is what we appreciate! At times others might perceive what we see only as difficult behaviors. If this is the case then these people are missing the talents that each and every child and teen with ADHD has to offer the world. If you know someone touched by ADHD and you haven’t appreciated these talents, take a step back and see them through this new lens. Enjoy the experience we know we do and look for more of our blog posts soon!

Tracey and Holly

Your Guides to Navigating ADHD

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