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Visualization, Drawing, Movement, and Mindfulness Have One Thing in Common!

Visualization, Drawing, Movement, and MIndfulness have one thing in common. They can all be used as tools to help with forgetfulness.

Of course we all know making a list or checklist can be helpful when it comes to remembering but we also know these strategies don’t always work when ADHD is involved.

Each brain is unique and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for another. When it comes to ADHD your child may not be able to hold information in the short term even if there is a visual list. Consider all the things involved like remembering to look at the list and remembering what is on it when they walk away. 

Lists don’t always help children see the beginning, middle, and end of a task or routine.

Your child may be struggling to have a clear picture of what the end result looks like, feels like, and sounds like. For example, your child may be frustrated that they always leave their homework folder at school but they haven’t figured out the steps needed to remember and they can’t picture themselves being successful. 

This is where involving the senses comes in handy! If you don’t already know what your child’s learning modality is, ask them. Find out if they feel like they do best learning through hearing, seeing, doing, or some combination. This will give you insight into where to start when it comes to tools for forgetting things less often!

Use the chart below as a way to try a new approach in supporting your child with remembering more and forgetting less.

Tools for Remembering

As always let us know what works and we would love to hear in the comments how you help your child remember things!

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