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Can we end the comparisons?


“When we compare ourselves to others, we reject ourselves. Each of us is extraordinarily unique.”                                                             

-Mindful Moment from Headspace

Not sure about you but wow this gave us considerable pause when we read it. 

How often do we all get caught up in comparisons? And when we do….. we reject ourselves; this is deep! 

How often does your child get caught up in comparisons? 

More than one young client came to our office this week and said, “Oh, I’m just not that type of student. I’m not…..”   

Not what? Smart enough, good enough, creative enough, the options to choose from go on and on. 

This is NOT OKAY! .

So the next time your child does the comparison game, flip it to what makes them extraordinarily unique. Maybe it is your child’s ability to think outside of the box, run faster than anyone in the neighborhood, give the best hugs, or have a wildly creative imagination.

Have a great weekend by dropping as many comparisons as you can for both you and your child. 


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