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The Path from A to Z

Lots of teenage clients mention feeling different and question whether or not they really might be lazy because people often tell them to “try harder.”  When we start talking about all of our brains being different and maybe their way of seeing the world is actually a cool and unique way, their view of themselves starts to shift in a very positive way. 

When talking about the power of hyperfocus in their brains, we hear time and time again the comment, “What do you mean not everyone can focus intensely on what they love?” or “Really, I thought everyone got so into what they are doing they feel like they are in a different world.” 

Consider this, we only truly know what it feels like to be in our own mind and experience the world through our own lens.  So feeling different can actually be a confidence booster when you get to think of it in a new way.  When you realize that your brain doesn’t always go from point A to Z in a logical way but gets from point A to Z in a zigzag, outside of the box kind of way, the possibilities start to open up. This does NOT mean that ADHD stands in your way of getting where you want to go, it means that you might have to teach your brain some tricks for getting there in your own way. Embracing this difference is very empowering!

Currently the world isn’t set up for minds that see things differently.  It is set up based on how the majority of people learn and think. So when we hear about hugely creative and talented people like Albert Einstein, Sir Richard Branson, and Simone Biles we need to think about how they pushed through to the other side.  If you dig into their stories, they all faced setbacks and they all created strategies to work through challenges. They all also owned their ADHD and used aspects of it to open their minds and find success!

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