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What does being mindful even mean?

Mindfulness is a word we hear all the time, but what exactly does it mean?

Mindfulness means staying “present” and “in the moment.”  

Sounds amazing, right? Not worrying about the future or stressing out about the past?  Imagine just enjoying the moments as they come and keeping a calm mind as we are grateful for our experiences. This month we are focusing on just that.

Being a parent is so hard that we often don’t have time to notice the small moments in front of us. We know that there is barely time for a shower, let alone taking a breath and practicing mindfulness.  

But we also know that you will do anything for your child so here is the deal–teach your child mindfulness and practice it with them. 

Everyone can benefit from the decrease in stress and anxiety that mindfulness provides. 

People with ADHD need a lot of practice with this so here is your call to action. Be mindful. Teach your child to be mindful and you both can look forward to a calmer existence with less stress, improved mood and a mind that doesn’t feel so restless. 

Start here:

1.Practice guided imagery with this beach meditation.

2.Name 3 things before bed that you are grateful for in that moment.

3.Set a time to worry.  Pick any time of day, set a timer and worry only during that time. Throughout the day , if a worry comes, tell yourself that you will save it for worry time.

Hit reply and let us know your favorite way to be mindful so we can spread even more helpful tips!

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