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Step By Step Thinking Take 2

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When there are challenges with executive functioning skills the brain typically skips over this whole “step by step” thinking process.  Think of a messy file cabinet, the files are all in there but they are in no particular order.  Messy file cabinets can slow us down when we are trying to find something.  It  may also cause us to not find what we need at all and create stress on the brain.  

The ADHD brain doesn’t want to slow down in order to think in steps, especially when it comes to day to day tasks. There is usually nothing stimulating to the brain when it comes to boring, repetitive tasks.  

So as parents what can you do to help your child strengthen this thinking process?

Think about something your child loves to do and easily hyperfocuses on.  It can be anything! The next step is to ask your child what it is about this activity that makes them enjoy it so much.  Then ask them to pretend they are teaching you how to do the activity step by step.  If you think they are leaving something out, ask them to go back and tell you what happens right before what they just said.  This doesn’t have to be discussed as formally as we are describing it here but this type of conversation sets up the foundation for applying step by step thinking to all areas of life.  When your child is hyperfocused they are already thinking this way without knowing it! 

Always remember repetition is ADHD’s best friend so the more they recognize when they naturally think in a step by step process the easier it becomes to generalize this way of thinking.  

What is something your child likes to Hyperfocus on? Share in the comments!

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