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5 Tips to Navigating the Uncertainty of Back to School During Covid-19

With so many unknowns during the Covid-19 pandemic, you may be feeling uneasy, and uncertain regarding the looming start to school. With the expectation that we should try to normalize a not-so-normal time and to make important decisions without all of our questions answered, how can you NOT be having mixed emotions? We are all navigating a time that no one has navigated before and everything seems to keep changing every day. Everyone is asking themselves and everyone they know, should I send my child to school if it is in person or should I homeschool or join one of these pandemic pods people keep talking about?

Attach no judgment to however you are feeling as this is so incredibly different for everyone. There is work to consider, your level of exhaustion, physical health concerns, mental health concerns, the needs of multiple children, and concern that your child will fall behind if you choose to keep them home.

Here are 5 tips that we are highly recommend using today

  1.  Trust your instincts. You are the expert for your family and will ultimately make the best choices.
  2. Find one or two trusted, like minded allies and share ideas with them. Try not to gather too many conflicting opinions as it will make you second guess yourself. Feel free to bounce ideas but don’t let it overtake every conversation you have or you will feel overwhelmed all of the time.
  3. Take things one day or week at a time. The decision you make does not have to be for the rest of your life. As officials make and change decisions, you may have to adjust your plans and that’s OK.
  4. Have a Plan B so if your school situation changes, you have an idea of what it will look like for your family
  5. Get support for yourself and join a Navigating ADHD Parent Support Group. We have been running groups since Covid started and the support of a community truly makes a difference!
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