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5 Key Steps to Building Self Esteem

What if your child had the self awareness to understand her brain, embrace her learning style, and advocate for herself when needed?  This isn’t a dream or something you should think about being far away in the future.  This is something that can happen right now starting this very minute.  Here are the key steps in helping your child gain the self awareness needed to feel happy and confident.


  1. Understand ADHD! Don’t make assumptions that your child can simply try harder. Instead listen to your child, listen on a level you never have before.  Observe his or her behavior and recognize that there are times when you can literally see how fast your child’s brain is moving.  
  2. Have conversations about what it is like to have ADHD.  Have even more conversations about your child’s tremendous strengths while acknowledging that what he says is difficult really is.  
  3. Find excellent resources for yourself and your child.  This might be through a Facebook group, joining a support group, reading or listening to books, asking for help through your special education department and researching ADHD strategies that work.
  4. Find joy in the moments your child’s unique strengths shine through.  Whether it is making someone laugh, a kind gesture, or just witnessing your child being in the moment doing something she loves. 
  5. Take each day at a time.  Each moment of each day is a fresh start for your child and for you.  If you don’t like how the last moment went try a “reset” and see how the next moment goes.  

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