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Top 10 Reasons for Bringing Art into ADHD Treatment: Reason #1

Why art? Because at Navigating ADHD, Inc. we love art and see how effective it can be in treating ADHD.   At Navigating ADHD, Inc., we believe that ADHD is a diagnosis that holds vast strengths and potential. Our goal with each child that we encounter is to uncover his passion, whether it is creativity, athleticism, or academics. We believe that children can flourish if their strengths are nurtured and they develop a sense of self-awareness.

The benefits of using art with children diagnosed with ADHD are countless. You can easily tap into the creative process, which includes all learning styles. Art accesses the imagination, has no boundaries, and elicits self-expression. There is no wrong or right in the creative process, freeing the creator to use art in the moment. The ADHD brain can channel its swirling energy into this creative outlet.  So if that isn’t reason enough here is our #1 Reason:


  •  Art allows the ADHD brain to do more than one thing at the same time. For some children diagnosed with ADHD, using their hands to build or create allows their brain the space to focus on the goals of a moment. Help your child understand this concept while working on a project and talking about a success or challenge.  Help your child learn how to use this concept purposefully to support focus.  Take it a step further and create a fidget, make the “tool” for helping the ADHD brain do more than one thing at the same time.


Your child, client or student is probably already doing more than one thing at the same time to stay focused.  The problem may be that it is distracting to others and possibly distracting to themselves.  Open the door to this project by simply asking, “What do you usually do when you are bored in school?” Then educate the child on purposeful fidgets and replace what isn’t working with something that is.  Kneaded erasers, stress balls and smooth stones can all work as fidgets.  Check our ADHD ARTGuides™ for “how to” information on art projects with children.



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