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Navigating Self Esteem!

Navigating Self Esteem!

This summer use the extra hours of daylight and vacation time to build your child’s self awareness while naturally boosting his/her self esteem. Every moment is an opportunity for your child to learn more about how his/her brain works. Acknowledging your child’s natural strengths helps develop an awareness of all of the things that make him special. Whether your son or daughter shows care for a younger child next door or has lots of energy for swimming all day, your child will benefit from seeing that these are unique gifts. It never ceases to amaze us when we see children and teens in our office and start discussing the connection between ADHD and their extraordinary talents as well as the challenges they face everything makes more sense. They are relieved to know there is a reason for some of the things that feel so difficult and make them feel different. They are also excited to know that this “surplus” of attention they possess can serve them well! So go enjoy the summer fun and remember to slide in comments here and there about all the things you and others appreciate about your child!

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