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Writing the book

Writing the book

When we set out to write Navigating ADHD: Your Guide to the Flipside of ADHD, we had two objectives in mind. We wanted to provide parents with practical strategies for day-to-day use in raising a child with ADHD, and we wanted them to understand that “we get it.” That’s why we were thrilled when Dr. Hallowell used those exact words after he reviewed our work, “…these are two women who really get it.”
In the process of writing this book, however, our objectives evolved. Providing workable strategies and support for parents was still our intent, but it became clear that we had another, even more important mission: to change the way in which ADHD is perceived. The truth is that ADHD is pretty great. It is wonderful, in fact. While it certainly presents challenges, ADHD means bountiful energy, lavish love, buckets of enthusiasm, and a unique way of looking at the world.

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