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TOP 10 Reasons to Read "Navigating ADHD: Your Guide to the Flip Side of ADHD"

TOP 10 Reasons to Read "Navigating ADHD: Your Guide to the Flip Side of ADHD"

Top Ten Reasons That You Should Read Our Book

  1. When you wake up in the morning you are already looking forward to going back to bed.
  2. You frequently go to the bus stop in your bathrobe because you are too busy reminding your child to brush his teeth, put his shoes on, put his coat on and get his back pack to actually get yourself dressed.
  3. You find yourself repeating everything at work ten times because that is what you do most of the time at home.
  4. A friend recently mentioned that you seem to put your fingers in your ears and say, “I can’t hear you”  quite a bit lately!
  5. You are keeping your sanity by remembering that your child was cute at one point at time and that someday you will enjoy him again!
  6. You find yourself saying over and over again, “Are you listening to me?”
  7. You feel like your voice sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher and your child is the “loveable but oh-so-messy”- Pig Pen
  8. Like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs, you can find your way to your child’s room by following the trail of papers, backpack items, hat, coat, mittens, and anything else that was in his hands when he got home from school.
  9. You are baffled by your child’s ability to ignore every word that comes out of your mouth, yet amazed by his ability to recite every word uttered in the Star Wars movies.
  10. Your favorite time of day is the exact minute homework is completed.
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