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What is so important about dropping the question mark when communicating?

We have a challenge for you. 

The challenge is to stop putting a question mark at the end of directives you are giving your child. Think for a minute: what does it mean  when you add an “okay?”  to something you are asking your child to do that isn’t negotiable– like going to bed or doing homework?


For example:

 “Sarah, it’s time to brush your teeth. Okay?” 

“Timmy, it’s time to get ready for bed. Okay?”

“Nikki, it’s time to do homework. Okay?”

“Mateo, be home by midnight. Okay?”


If we give our children the option of not doing something by asking okay every time we give a directive why would they ever do it!

We know you may add on an “okay”  because you are looking for confirmation that you have been heard. But in the ADHD brain, all it does is turn the thought of going to bed or doing homework into a wildly fun debate!

Today, pay attention to how often you turn a directive into a question. 

The solution is simple; stop putting that question mark at the end of directives. Step 1 bring awareness to yourself that you are doing this and Step 2 take “okay” out of your vocabulary!

We love talking about communication skills because it is something we can control AND it is the foundation to every other ADHD parenting strategy.

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