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ADHD is full of extremes and the goal is not to fix anything at all!

ADHD is full of extremes and the goal is not to fix anything.  The goal is to become equipped with skills that allow for extremes and success all at the same time.  No one can learn strategies until they fully understand what ADHD is and isn’t. 

Step 1:  Understand ADHD and talk to your child about it.

It’s not that a child with ADHD cannot pay attention. It is that he/she has extreme attention and is paying attention to EVERYTHING.  The trouble is focusing on the task at hand.  


ADHD is all about extremes which ebb and flow moment to moment.  

    • Easily Distracted and Hyperfocused
    • Fixated and Creative
    • Lacking Inhibition and Showing Courage
    • Disorganized and Remarkably Organized
    • Procrastinating and Impatient
    • Having High Energy and Low Energy
    • Forgetful and Having an Extraordinary Memory
    • Passionately Interested and Lacking Interest
    • Irritable and Tender-Hearted
    • Excessively Worrying and Not Worrying Enough
    • Rejecting Help and Giving Help

Start the conversation by letting your child know that you just learned that ADHD is all about extremes.  Extreme awesomeness and extreme power to pay attention when something is interesting! Pick 2 to discuss and listen closely to your child’s responses. We guarantee it will bring you BOTH lots of interesting insights.  


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