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The ADHD Parenting Blueprint Waitlist


The ADHD Parenting Blueprint

30 Day Parenting Course

This laser focused parenting course will help you understand and parent your child in a whole new way.

The ADHD Parenting Blueprint will move you from a place of confusion to a place of confidence and clarity. Learn what ADHD is and isn’t and understand your child in an entirely new way. Gain the parenting strategies you need to embrace your child’s diagnosis.

This 30 day course will be delivered through videos, audio, PDFs, and 2 Live Office Hours.  Go at your own pace or follow along with us weekly! You will have lifetime access to the course because we get how busy you are!

Wondering if you are in the right place?

  • You have considered getting help in the past but just can’t seem to find the right help.
  • Dreamed of a day where you don’t feel drained and can enjoy time with your child.
  • Feel like your heart is breaking because you just don’t know what to do anymore.
  • You have worried that you just aren’t sure your child is learning the skills to flourish and are concerned they will continue to struggle.

By the end of this program, you will:

Understand ADHD and its impact on your child so you can end the frustration and embrace your child’s diagnosis.

Move from confused to clear and will be prepared for next steps.

Be enjoying quality time with your child.

Feel confident you know exactly what to do to best support your child.

Implement new parenting strategies that work!

No longer feel alone as you will receive the right support at the right time.

Course Price: $197 

Registration Opens October 4th and closes on October 11th


“When we first started working with Tracey and Holly we had little understanding of what ADHD really was. We were misinterpreting everything our 13 year old was doing. Once we realized what it felt like inside our son’s brain everything changed for the better.”


“Thanks to Tracey and Holly I now have a clear understanding of my daughter’s ADHD which has changed my parenting strategies. My relationship with my daughter has completely changed and I can’t thank you enough.”

We LOVE working with families and we LOVE helping parents understand their child’s behavior through the lens of ADHD. We are honored to be part of your life and we really want to end the overwhelm you are feeling. We want so much to bring our knowledge to you so you can embrace your child’s diagnosis. With the right strategies in place we know how successful your child is going to be. We see the profound changes a new perspective on what ADHD Is and isn’t makes and we want you to experience that too.

You are not alone, we are here for you and are your guides through this parenting journey. Should you choose to join us we personally guarantee you will find it life changing for you and your family. We look forward to meeting you inside Your ADHD Parenting Blueprint.


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