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The Power of Cue Words

This is going to be short and to the point. Perfect for the ADHD brain, just in case you can relate to your child’s ADHD 🙂 

We have been talking lately about the power of words and the meaning given through our tone of voice and body language.  Cue words are fantastic for cueing the ADHD brain as you have already discovered with the use of the word non-negotiable. Just like the dog in the picture above the brain kicks into gear when stimulated even by words.  The ADHD brain benefits from short and to the point which is why cue words can work so well.  

We want to add on to that and we want you to come up with a cue word with your child for moments when you need their undivided attention.  Does undivided attention sound impossible?  Well it might be depending on your child’s level of inattention but you can definitely help your child get really really close! The idea is that you and your child come up with a word together.  When you say the word (in close proximity) your child will know immediately this is VERY Important I better listen up.  You can make the word silly, it can be something that your child loves to do, or a complete nonsense word.  We have had clients use sparkle, squirrel, tubing, cookies, and more.  Just like all of the other strategies you are using, repetition is the key to anchoring the learning.  

We love hearing from you so comment here and let us know what cue words you might already be using!

P.S. As you may have already discovered you might need to switch up the cue word every once in a while to keep it stimulating to the brain!

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