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Top Two Tips for Self-Care

It is especially important that self care is a priority in your life during these turbulent times.  Everyone is experiencing ups and downs and it is easy to become lost during the lows.  Here are two simple things you can do to boost your spirits and do some fantastic role modeling at the same time!

#1 Clean & Organize Your Space

When the world outside feels out of control, focus on the things you can control. You can control how your space feels—if your space feels tidy and fresh, your mind will feel more calm as well. You will feel productive and accomplished, naturally putting you in a good mood. 

Start by choosing one corner or surface that you would like to tidy up.  Do not make this first project the biggest one you want to tackle.  Choose something small and doable, like a corner of a counter or a surface that isn’t too deep in clutter.  Set a timer for 15 minutes and go!


#2 Disconnect From the Noise


Whether it’s the news, social media, or emails, stop consuming excessive content that adds to your fear, stress, and anxiety. There’s a fine line between staying informed and giving into the ego that loves drama. If this will be difficult for you to do, set boundaries and include alarms that remind you to disconnect.  Trust us it will be a breath of fresh air!

We would love to hear from you so send us your before and after pictures.  We challenge you to launch into action by doing Tip #1 and/or #2 today!


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