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School Success

School Success!
As we approach mid October school is in full swing and routines are beginning to take consistent shape. Children and adolescents typically start the year off strong, with great motivation and every intention of succeeding at their schoolwork. However, ADHD is all about extremes and intensity. Intensity to succeed and sometimes an extreme lack of motivation when the novelty of a new adventure wears off!
For many parents October and November can be full of anxiety as progress reports come home and school conferences take place. Regardless of the type of report you get October is a wonderful time to check in with your child on what is working well and what needs to be tweaked for further success. Your child’s self awareness is critical to their learning and growth. Help your child understand what he or she is doing that is working and what areas need to be changed. Don’t except I don’t know as an answer! Keep digging and pull out as many positives as you can. Always take what is working and build off it for areas of weakness. If your child forgets to pack his homework but always remembers his iPod have his routine include putting the iPod on top of the homework folder. Get creative, your child will be full of ideas if you are willing to be patient and listen!

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