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Who inspires you?

For the month of December we want you to know in every cell of your body that Change is Possible.   If we didn’t believe this so deeply we wouldn’t be able to do the work that we do.  We see it every single day in the children, teens, adults, and families that come to us.  Whenever we think about change we think about who around us inspires us to do better.  When we are inspired by someone, we strive to make positive changes.

We get inspired each day by the unconditional love we get to witness.  You may have your own definition of unconditional love; we like to think about it as love that doesn’t waiver no matter what.   This doesn’t mean that it is okay for your child to scream at you or say hurtful things.  It simply means that your love never fades and that it never will, even when mistakes are made.  Holding your child accountable is unconditional love and by doing that you are holding up the vision of all they will become.  We see parents support their children everyday and we hear from their children that this unconditional love is what led them to their success. Parenting is hard and all of you out there putting in the long hard days of supporting, teaching, picking battles, and setting boundaries inspire us.  

Take a moment and think about someone who inspires you.  What is it about that person that brings you inspiration? Are there small changes you have been inspired to make? 

Why wait until 2022 to do things differently? Let’s start today in order to make this the best year’s end ever.  

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