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Creating a Peaceful Sleep Space

We all know that good sleep is essential to feeling lower levels of stress, having more energy, and experiencing better overall health. 

What we may haven’t considered is what the space we are sleeping in is doing for us.  Creating a soothing space for sleep is yet another way to up your sleep hygiene game.  This doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and it doesn’t have to be super complicated.  In fact we would just like you to focus on your night stand or if you don’t have one a night “basket”. Clutter near where you sleep is never a good idea.  Think minimally. Some studies show that when we are surrounded by clutter, it actually pulls energy from our brain which can make us feel unsettled.

Consider what is next to your bed right now.  Do you have a stack of papers from work that you were hoping to look at? Does it serve as your charging station for EVERY device you own? Do you have a pile of books that bring you guilt because you haven’t started them yet? Your spring cleaning starts here so you can create a little special haven for you to see each night before you go to bed!

You know we love to think in steps, so here is our 1, 2, 3 Organized Sleep Space Plan.

Step 1: Clear everything off your bedside table and if you don’t have space for one consider an end of the bed basket for your bedtime self care items or a bedside caddy.

Step 2: Consider what should be on or in this space. This could be some good smelling lotion, a lamp or booklight, a book, water in a nice bottle or glass, a favorite photo, or a gratitude journal.

Step 3: Go find what you need and if you are on a strict budget go look around your house and find what you need! Maybe the ultimate item to bring you a peaceful moment is as simple as a treasured family photo!

Set it up and enjoy!  Take a moment each night and appreciate your space.  This simple pause will bring you a peaceful thought before lights out. 

Comment here and let us what is in your peaceful space 🙂

P.S. Feeling overwhelmed by creating next steps in your child’s ADHD treatment plan? We have a Four Step Guide here!



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