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ADHD Vision Boards

For those of you who don’t know, in our practice, we use art daily with clients of all ages. The benefits of using art in coaching and therapy sessions are countless!
We find that art is a nonthreatening way to address something that maybe be uncomfortable to talk about, and it is a way to foster engagement. Engagement is key in the treatment of ADHD, as it stimulates the brain and helps to boost memory. For example, we may have a client draw a road map full of the stops (aka steps) they will make to reach their goal. This visual representation provides a layering effect in the brain of the strategies that have been created.
If your child is on school vacation this month or next you can explore using art with your child to develop strategies for ADHD! This can be a great family activity for everyone, ADHD or not!
One of our favorites is creating Vision Boards with your child. Directions for the activity are below. We would love to hear all about them so comment here or email us a picture!
ADHD Vision Boards

Objective: Create a visual representation of goals, both immediate and long-term.

Materials: Heavy poster board or painting canvas, construction paper, magazines, photographs, glue, scrap paper, and any decorative craft supplies.


1. Begin by asking your child what their personal goals are.

Depending on their age, these goals may look very different. They may include wanting more friends, scoring

a goal in lacrosse, getting honor roll at school, getting accepted into college, buying a car, having a job, keeping track of papers, taking better notes, listening to a teacher when they are bored or getting along with someone in their life. The point of this project is to help the child visually express their hopes and dreams for the short term or long term.

2. Explain to your child that what they have on their vision board may change over time and that is okay. Place all materials on the table and get started! Wait time may be necessary as your child puts their thoughts together and begins working.

3. Your child may need lots of time to complete this project or it may go quickly. Take a picture of the vision board and come back to it at later sessions to check in on the goals represented on the vision board. As you work with your child, you can help them develop strategies for reaching their goals.


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