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Circles of Support

Circles of Support Model
The Navigating ADHD, Inc. Circles of Support Model includes all who are involved or need to be involved in a child or teen’s treatment plan.  The support team might include but is not limited to educators, doctors, counselors, speech and language pathologists, occupational therapists, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, family members and coaches.  When a Circle of Support is developed, progress is achieved quickly and includes all areas of the child’s life.    We develop workable communication systems for the support team so that each member can efficiently share information and strategies.  When these immediate and hands-on strategies are repeated across all areas of life, the progress and success can be life-long.   Services are available onsite, at off-site locations and online.

Professional Training
Medical Teams, Clinicians and Educators
Interactive Trainings
Scheduled and facilitated ongoing dialogue between practitioners

Parent Support
Coaching Sessions
Parent Support Groups

Child and Adolescent Support
Multi Modal Support
Art Therapy
Counseling Services
ADHD and Executive Function Coaching Services
Social Skills Groups
Executive Functioning Groups

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