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Parenting the Anxious Brain Waitlist

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Wondering if you are in the right place?

  • Have you considered getting help in the past but just couldn’t seem to find the right help?

  • Dreamed of a day where you don’t feel drained and can see your child finally relax and “go with the flow”?

  • Feel like your heart is breaking because you just don’t know what to do anymore?

  • You have worried that you just aren’t sure your child is every going to not worry about everything?

    By the end of this program, you will:

    Learn about your child’s unique brand of anxiety and understand your child in an entirely new way. 

    Understand anxiety and its impact on your child so you can end the worry and know exactly how to  help.

    Feel confident you know exactly what to say to your child during times of peak anxiety and stress

    No longer feel alone as you receive the right support at the right time. 

    What’s Included?

    Self paced course material with support from Holly and Tracey.

    Lifetime access to material.

    Videos for those who like visuals.

    Podcast form for those who want to binge the material, go for a walk, or listen on their way to work. 

    PDF supports including checklists.

    Group coaching calls where you can show up with your questions or email them in advance and we will answer them. 

    We feel so strongly that with some small parenting tweaks you will experience a new relationship with your child.

    • Module 01 What Exactly is Anxiety?

    • Module 02 Panic Attacks, Perfectionism and Everything in Between

    • Module 03 Mindful Communication

    • Module 04 Laying the Foundation for Partnering with Your Child

    • Module 05 Empowering Your Child

    • Lifetime access to material and updates


    Sign Up for the Waitlist Today and be the first to know when doors open for registration.  


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