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High 5! Tips for Back to School Success

High 5! Tips for Back to School Success

This time of year brings along so many emotions, challenges, and hopes for the school year. Here are our High 5! Tips for Back to School Success.

1. Sit down with your child and review which strategies were successful last year and which areas he/she thinks are still challenging. This process will help your child gain the self awareness needed for a great start to the school year. Gaining your child’s perspective can go a long way in helping him invest in future efforts and success.

2. Create your own list of successes and challenges. Compare them to your child’s list and consider which ones are your priorities and which ones are your child’s. This insight can help you better understand your child’s perspective.

3. Write a letter or call your child’s teacher to introduce yourself and your child. Highlight your child’s strengths and briefly mention areas that may be challenging.

4. Create a system for organizing your child’s backpack which includes having it packed the night before. Take photos of everything that belongs in it on a daily basis. Use an Unforgettable Tag* or post a list next to where he/she keeps the backpack.

5. Schedule a play date with another student from your child’s class. Fostering friendships with children in your child’s class early in the school year will build your child’s confidence.

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