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ADHD Education!

ADHD Education!

As ADHD Awareness week drew to a close it made us think more about how far ADHD education has come and about how much further we still need to go. Educating others is so important as there is so much confusion as to what ADHD is and isn’t. Stop and think about your own ADHD awareness. What do you know about ADHD? If you are impacted by an ADHD diagnosis when did you begin to learn more about ADHD? Was it through your own diagnosis or through a diagnosis of your child or loved one? If we aren’t curious and seek out the answers to our questions about ADHD we may only have limited information. This information may be based on myths, negative experiences and a lack of true understanding. When the information we have is incorrect we then believe we understand but we don’t. The fallout is continuously felt by the many adults and children diagnosed with ADHD. Feelings of inadequacy and self doubt then begin to seep into all areas of a person’s life. ADHD education should include the vast strengths and talents of individuals with ADHD. It should also include the amazing ability to pay attention to multiple things all at the same time! It should also teach about the often overly generous and sensitive hearts of individuals with ADHD. It is time to get the story right and learn about the challenging symptoms of ADHD and of the endless possibilities that comes with this diagnosis. Organizations like CHADD and ADDA offer reliable research based information on ADHD. Go get started on your own ADHD awareness journey!

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