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Three Visualization Strategies for Your Child

Have you ever heard of a mental shower? We hadn’t until Tracey tried a meditation on Headspace and the host talked about a mental shower. A mental shower involves visualizing a golden glow on top of your head that ends up flowing into every aspect of your being. This golden light flows down and then fills the body up with a beautiful light melting away any tension. Besides feeling light and calm after this exercise, this “mental shower” reminded us about the power of visualization in the ADHD brain.  

Visualization changes the chemistry in our brain which then changes how we feel and influences our next action steps. Visualization can be a powerful tool for the ADHD brain.  Consider these three ways you can help your child visualize aspects of their day.

  1. Before going to bed ask your child to close their eyes and picture the morning routine going smoothly. Depending on their age you can remind them of the steps in their morning routine.
  2. Visualization can be used to help your child remember to pass in homework assignments.  Help you child picture themselves in the classroom going through the routine of passing in homework.
  3. If your child is nervous about a presentation they can picture themselves giving a fantastic presentation.

Visualization works best when there are details included in the process.  For example, picturing the actual environment in detail can help solidify the visualization.   

Give this process a try yourself and we promise you will see how it impacts outcomes for the better!

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