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ADHD Resources


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ADHD and Technology Resources

  • When was the last time you watched you child stare at a screen and rolled your eyes and said, “Ugh! She is constantly connected!” Or you were looking at your child’s grades and said, “If she spent half as much time on homework as she does on social media, she would be a straight A student.”We hear you, these are real quotes, from real Navigating ADHD, Inc. clients. Check out our resources below and see for yourself how we can help!

ADHD Treatment Plan Resources

  • Want to be sure that your child is on track with their ADHD Treatment Plan goals?  Use our email template to check-in with teachers regarding your child’s progress towards their educational goals.  Click here to download your template.


  • How to Develop a Measurable and Effective ADHD Treatment Plan Infographic

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Art and ADHD Treatment

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